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A Healthy Body Heals Faster

Keeping your body in good physical condition is another car accident tip from that’s worth following. If you maintain a good fitness level, and your body is strong and flexible, you’ll have a much easier time recovering from most car accidents. That’s not to say you should anticipate being in a car accident, but along with its many other benefits, a healthy body will also help in this department. Any type of regular exercise that helps strengthen your muscles and improves flexibility is great.

If you feel headache!!

The most important headache tip you’ll receive from Brookline chiropractors is to take steps to help yourself. If you have a job that requires you to sit in a static position for several hours per day, force yourself to get up and move around every 30 minutes or so. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial. Even a walk around the office or light stretching will do, as long as you aren’t sitting.

If you are prone to getting dull throbbing headaches you’ll want to avoid engaging in heavy exercise until they are under control. You can still workout, just switch things up to include more low-impact activities. Clenching your teeth during exercise or any time is another thing to avoid, because it causes stress to the joints in your jaw. Dehydration is always a big headache trigger, so drink water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.

Neck Pain

It’s easy to overlook the everyday tasks that can cause back and neck pain. And when the crisp fall air rolls around, one of the biggest spinal offenders is leaf raking. At its core, leaf raking is a form of exercise. Staying active is great for your spine, but doing it the wrong way can have the opposite effect.


So WHAT CAN BE DONE to change this behavior? As of 2014, ten states in the United States prohibit ALL drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving and 32 states prohibit novice drivers from cell phone use. Thirty-nine states prohibit ALL drivers from text messaging. Parents can “DRIVECAM” their kids’ cars – a device that monitors a driver’s activity and provides real-time feedback with video. Use the AT&T “Drive Mode” app. It’s a FREE APP for Android & IOS that prohibits texting while driving. Teens and parents can also take the text-free-driving pledge

All car accidents have the potential to cause lifelong spinal and joint conditions that will cause pain and degenerative changes to the spine and joint. find your chiropractors today.

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